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Latest Updates, via Twitter...


Almost As Latest Updates, via Typing...

If you'll pardon me being not all that funny for a minute, I've got a fairly major update.

I wasn't around here much last year. I haven't been around here much the last few years. I did a handful of shows and mostly was kind of invisible in 2015.

There are some reasons.

2014 took my Dad. 2015 took my 17-year-old cat Groucho. Then 2015 tried to take me too.

I spent most of the year living with a life-threatening heart condition, which I had for months before I knew what it was. I still have it, under tighter control now, and things have been moving in a positive direction for some time.

I've been quiet about it online - some people know a little, some know a lot, most haven't heard much, so I wanted to put some words on paper/web. I'm not asking for positive vibes, thoughtsandprayers, or anything else, although they're appreciated, just posting this out of a desire to share information.

I'll be back on some stages and in some recording formats soon. Big plans for 2016 around here. Hoping it's a bit kinder than its two predecessors. I plan to find out first-hand.

(cue "The More You Know" PSA music and follow this link to read the whole story on this)

posted 1.4.16

I made you a little mixtape for your December holiday of choice. Songs of various vintage, mostly remixed and remastered. Stream for free, or pay-what-you-like starting at less than 50 cents per song.

posted 12.16.14

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