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I made you a little mixtape for your December holiday of choice. Songs of various vintage, mostly remixed and remastered. Stream for free, or pay-what-you-like starting at less than 50 cents per song.

posted 12.16.14

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DATELINE: July 13, 1994. KENT, OHIO.

This day in History: The Vaguerants make their performing debut at the legendary Brady Café. That first night, the lineup is me and Mark Allender. The club only has one microphone so I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who can even hear Mark's acoustic bass. Two originals (including the opener, which I recall being a very important detail to me at the time) plus covers from Bob Mould, the Violent Femmes, and the Beatles.

For 8 months we play periodic open-mics and even a real gig or two, with a floating lineup that also includes Ted Pearcy & Dave Hochhauser in a variety of pairing and trio configurations. No lineup ever plays 2 consecutive shows, and within the first month I'm doing solo sets as well. In May of 1995 I move to Missouri and the band becomes a solo act, and I've been trying to steer this crazy locomotive ever since. In 2001 I am accidentally given a stage name, which sticks.


Thanks to any and all who have been part of my melodic melodrama in any fashion during these last two decades.

Next summer there will be some sort of 20th anniversary somethingorother, and at some point I'll decide what that's gonna be. Hope you'll be there for whatever it is!

posted 7.13.13


Well then. 2012 started steady and ended up in a whirlwind. I played gig #300 in the blur that was our 2nd annual October TRAIL OF FEAR run in Lawton. We had a blast there again last year! Literally, in fact - I had a blowout on my truck before the first set on Halloween weekend.

2013 has been extremely full on the 'day job' front. Although it may look a little slow around here on the SHOWS front, lots of recording and writing IS INDEED HAPPENING.

To wit: two BRAND NEW SONGS will see their public debut at the 6th annual NORMAN MUSIC FESTIVAL on April 26th. Come hear them and learn about that thing that happened that one time in Russia.

Recording projects continue. Just today I recorded some scratch demos of a bunch of things that will be on the next 2-3 releases. Covers EP is still under construction, as is an old-fashioned full-length album. Not sure which one will be out first, but my money's on the full-length. Hope to have lots of surprises for you on that one.

For a glimpse behind the curtain during the recording process, check out my SoundCloud.

Meantime, see you in Norman!

(Please note that I did not phrase that in the form of a question.)

posted 4.17.13


Having a blast so far in 2012. Once again, please to allow me to type: HELLO NEW FRIENDS AND FANS! I don't know how you're finding me, but somehow you are, and we're both the better for it.

Four shows under the proverbial belt this year, in two states, with a 5th show in a third state coming very soon (details HERE). Show #200 was just a little more than 18 months ago, and if things go the way they look like they're going, #300 could very well happen before 2012 is over.

And this, when I'm actively trying to do fewer shows and more recording.

Recording projects are happening. There will be a 'covers' project of some kind and an original EP, hopefully both before year's end, and if you're looking for new music I'd strongly suggest you go check out the official-and-recently-softlaunched SoundCloud page:

Acoustic Ross on SoundCloud

Stay tuned. Gonna be another busy one around here.

posted 5.15.12

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