Monthly Archives: August 2023

An Update

Attempt #4 at the elusive Middle Song In the Health Adventure Show is a blend of the best lyrics from Attempts 1 & 2, with all-new music I’m quite happy with so far. It even has my favorite chord in it.

Granted, Attempt #4 is only two hours old, so I need to sleep on it for a few days to make sure, but I think it’s going to stick better than those did.

Attempt #3, for the record, had a very short life. It was a similar blend, but I realized a few hours after I’d written the music that actually Stephen Lynch had written the music and I was just accidentally stealing it.

So here’s hoping #4 came from the “new stuff” part of my brain.

Johnny Fans

Cleveland Browns helmetI haven’t seen the Johnny Manziel doc yet, and I don’t know if I will, but I’m reminded of his short stint with the Browns.

During the first Manziel Browns season in 2014, our local Browns Backers had acquired a kind of obnoxious couple (I guess we drafted them too?) who drank a lot, yelled a lot – not really our club’s vibe – and chanted JOHN-NY after every single play by the starting QB (Brian Hoyer) that didn’t go perfectly.

Then one week, Manziel finally comes into a game, and this couple goes COMPLETELY bonkers. They’re finally getting the guy they want! As every Browns fan has known for decades, changing the quarterback ALWAYS and IMMEDIATELY solves ALL of our problems!

Their excitement took them all the way to… Johnny’s second snap. On which he got sacked in the end zone. The loud couple weren’t the only ones who got really quiet in the room, but they got the quietest.

Quiet enough for me to lean over and ask, “Whose name do we chant now?”

I don’t think they thought that was funny.

They stopped showing up before the end of the season anyway. I think we traded them to Oakland.