The Band Age: Math Lab Shows 2004-2008

Report to the Math Lab

From 2004 to 2008, I had the distinct pleasure of singing and slinging my Gibson SG as part of MATH LAB. A gathering of four guys who really barely even knew each other (everyone knew someone, but I was the only one who knew all his bandmates going in). Despite birthdates in 3 different decades and a huge range of influences – only a handful of which in common across the board – Dennis, Jarrod, Michael & I found a sound pretty quickly and had a blast making that sound for the next four years.

Jarrod would come in with fully-realized songs written for bass, I would show up with some guitar ideas, Dennis or Michael would bring a killer riff, and we’d pile on. We were about the least jammingest guys, which Dennis rightly pointed out, but we did write some great stuff as a band too. I sang, Jarrod sang, Michael sang a few, Dennis sang some killer harmonies and kept us all in line, which was required. To me, we sounded like an indie band playing forgotten prog tunes, or maybe classic rockers playing stuff their adult children wrote. We had tempo changes, time changes and key changes and everything. I even played a vibroslap sometimes.

I sometimes called it black t-shirt rock, in that most likely the band and most of the crowd would be wearing those if you came to see us. We made an EP in 2006, which you can stream or download from Bandcamp. Whatever we were, it was fantastic to be a part of it, and I miss it to this day.

These Was The Shows Them Math Lab Guys Played.


Saturday 4/30/05 Sidewalk Cafe with namelessnumberheadman
Saturday 7/23/05 Hardwood Bar & Grill with Fincannon
Friday 10/8/05 Deadtown Tavern with The Best Friends
Saturday 10/29/05 Cain’s Ballroom 31st Annual Freaker’s Ball
Sat 1/28/06 Youth Services of Tulsa Coffeehouse
Sat 2/11/06 Deadtown Tavern
Mon 2/20/06 Mercury Lounge with Zombi & Orthrelm
Sat 5/6/06 Deadtown Tavern EP RELEASE PARTY!
with Delmer Veedle
Sat 7/8/06 DFest (Diversafest) Sax (18th & Boston)
Sunday 9/10/06 Tulsa Overground Film Festival Admiral Twin drive-in
Saturday 12/23/06 Mercury Lounge with Stevedore, Elliott the Letter Ostrich,
& The Secret Post
Saturday 1/20/07 Deadtown Tavern with Ghosts
Saturday 2/10/07 The Mooch & Burn Green Country Roller Girls fundraiser
Friday 2/23/07 SoundPony
Saturday 4/28/07 Cain’s Ballroom 2nd annual Ballroom Blitz
Sunday 5/27/07 The Mooch & Burn with Foolhardy
Friday 7/6/07 The Mooch & Burn with Boo Hiss & Radio Wave Days
Saturday 7/14/07 Under the Mooch free in-store show
Saturday 7/14/07 SoundPony with Klipspringer
and Please Please Please
Friday 11/16/07 The Deli
(Norman, OK)
with Klipspringer
Sunday 11/25/07 The Continental with Cracker Wagon
& Delta Spirit
Tuesday 2/5/08 SoundPony celebrate Fat Tuesday with Math Lab!
Wednesday 2/20/08 The Continental with Ghosts and Fincannon
Thursday 3/13/08 The Continental with Radio Moscow and Taddy Porter
Tuesday 5/20/08 SoundPony with BLASTOIDS!
Friday 6/20/08 Exit 6C, Tulsa OK with Vangough & Black Swan
Thursday 8/7/08 The Marquee, Tulsa OK with Ghosts, Cody Clinton & the Bishops,
and Motive for Movement


Report to the Math Lab