20 Years!

News From Around the Bend album cover

It has come to my attention that my first proper album, NEWS FROM AROUND THE BEND, came out exactly 20 years ago today!

Yes, in a fit of pure, unbridled synergy, I named it after the zine I’d been making for 11 years at that point. ICYMI, I just published the 31st anniversary issue of NFATB last month.

It came out during the window of time where I was still insisting my stage name was just Ross, but everyone had started calling me Acoustic Ross, even putting it on flyers that way. So the first 100 physical copies have just ROSS on the spine – but within a week or two of the release, I decided ACOUSTIC ROSS was the better name, and made it official, so every subsequent printing of the disc has my ‘real’ stage name on the spine.

The release party on this night, 20 years ago, was at CD Warehouse in Brookside, early enough that folks (including me) could also make it downtown to see They Might Be Giants at the Sager Center. Those two venues are long gone, but TMBG and I are still around. And you can still get a digital copy of this little batch of ditties over on Bandcamp.

News From Around the Bend insert photo

News From Around the Bend release party photo